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Search engines prowl the Web, taking notes of everything they encounter. When a user types something into the search engine, making a search query, the engine's algorithms spit out a list of what it thinks are relevant results.


SEM is an umbrella term that encompasses all efforts to garner search engines' attention and gain higher search rankings. SEO is a part of the greater SEM campaign. Like optimization, SEM includes using keywords and link


Having seen the power and reach of viral content, companies have flocked to the social Web in order to utilize this "online word of mouth" for their own branding efforts. This includes having a corporate presence on

Small Static Fonts

No one wants to have to wear reading glasses, and small static font that no one can read will annoy even those that don’t have reading glasses. This problem is made worse when the font size doesn’t resize when shown on a small screen.

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Google receives billions of daily searches, and for English speaking nations, it remains around 60%. Bing has about 20% market share, while Yahoo is around 10%.Too many SEO strategies focus on what Google wants. The website that optimizes itself for both Bing and Google will dominate the results for nearly all audiences. The company that optimizes itself for privacy seekers using DuckDuckGo benefit from monopolizing an otherwise underserved market; this isn’t a worthwhile strategy if you want to maximize traffic, but if your product is ideally suited to this market whether it is software or products for the privacy minded, don’t forget the value of being where your customers are. Likewise, AOL and have around .1% of global traffic. If your customers are the older people who adopted AOL and never left, SEO for that search engine or even ads could be worth the effort. Know your market, and then go where they are.
One of the biggest shifts is for non-English speakers. Baidu dominates Chinese language searches, while other search engines are growing for other language groups. Baidu receives about 8% of global traffic and that rate is only expected to grow. (There are more than a billion Chinese, after all.)
Search engines universally punish content with poor grammar. If you are a Chinese company trying to land English speaking traffic, it is better to hire someone to write content in English that references your company than use translation website that creates content with poor grammar. This issue does go both ways. If your real estate company solicits international buyers, you’ll do better if you have natural Chinese language content than poorly translated Chinese text on your site. You’ll also receive better SEO if you have separate subdomains entirely in each language than mixing English and Chinese or English and French. That consumers feel like they aren’t an afterthought after seeing a screen full of English and a paragraph of their language is a bonus.
Don’t forget to rewrite your old content that gets rated as having poor grammar because of keyword stuffing. And you need to rewrite the pages that were produced in bulk by international writers because you thought volume of text was more important than quality of text. The last thing you need is old content written by someone not fluent in English or that looks as if it were because of the key search terms used too often to get your site downgraded by search engines.

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